Monday, February 2, 2009

The Way Things Go

"The Way Things Go" is the title of a 30 minute film (created in 1987) I saw in a 7th grade art class and I will never forget it. This piece was created by two artists, Peter Fischli and David Weiss in which they received the Roswitha Haftmann Prize, in November 2006.
It may first appear to be a domino-like chain reaction, only it looks as if it was created by a brilliant mad scientist pyromaniac. As you might imagine this type of creativity/ingenuity has potential for commercial implications and some have indeed used this chain reaction for marketing purposes.

I will not get into the "original idea" argument (as I am not sure such a thing exists), my question to you however is this; does this insult the artists piece by taking something that is created to inspire the imagination, and making a buck off the same idea? Or does this require so much skill and patience that you earn the right to use it, if you can pull it off?

Honda has used this technique in their Cog video.
Here is a similar type of chain reaction video done for Clustarack.

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Beigene said...

That's assuming marketers are original to begin with. More often than not they are slaves to trend. They look to artists for the new ideas then re-purpose them when the time is right –cause and effect just like the Fischli and Weiss piece.