Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aquatic Wonderlands

I was never that into aquariums until I saw these. . . . Now I can't wait to plunk down a couple of g's (and many maintenance hours) aquascaping my way to owning one of these incandescent worlds. Thank you, Takashi Amano—and likely, others—for paving the Nature Style way.

Thirsty for more? Have a look at
Takashi Amano's gallery here:


Beigene said...

gorgeous! If I get one it'll turn into a cesspool of oreos and potato chips. What are the dimensions of these acqua-landscapes?

melissa tioleco-cheng said...

The tanks that I've seen in person are 100-gallon, about 5 feet wide. But I'm sure you could squeeze a cesspool of any size into your apartment, Gene—maybe throw in some miniature old tires, totaled Matchstick cars and beat up GI Joes tied to mini bricks ;)

Beigene said...

"GI-Joes tied to mini bricks" haha, wow you're demented.