Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Con mucho gusto

Last year I was asked to be a contributer to this blog. It was an honor that I gladly accepted, and then gradually forgot about. I say this now with embarrassment, because as Melissa and Rob (among others) continued to cultivate this artfully magnificent blog, I continued to silently observe in New York without documentation. I've lived in New York for almost five years now. I thought I'd be there for one, yet somehow here I am four years later, still refusing to buy a headboard and convinced I'll leave next year.

There is a small window of Magical Observatory, in my opinion, when you first arrive at a place. It's as if every synapse in your body fires in unison, over and over again, and you see every moment in space and time with lighted eyes.

And so for me, New York has lost a little bit of that glimmer lately. Maybe that's the reason for my lack of contribution; maybe it's laziness. I'll take blame for both. I haven't lost my adoration for New York, maybe just that initial Magical Observatory that only a brand new city can inspire.

Barcelona. It's my namesake, yet until last week I'd never been to Spain. I'm staying here for a little over three weeks, residing in an impressive flat in Barri Gotico which I'll get into later. For now though, be forewarned: I am glimmery all over and taking in the city like it's my last breath. Art, music, people, life. I plan to share it all here over the next few weeks.


Penny said...

your descriptions have always captured my soul Katie.....maybe it's because you're my daughter, you make my heart dance as I quietly watch you experience the moment. And the pictures, always filled with thought....keep um coming!!
love ya!

melissa tioleco-cheng said...

Thanks for sharing your Barcelona, Katie—so lovely!

Robert J. Williams said...

Some real gems here Katie. Love the pics!