Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life and Literature

They say that every book we read changes us one tiny bit.
Now, there is a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.
It is also very much and very visibly true for those individuals who choose to make their love for a certain piece of writing permanent as a tattoo.
I will refrain from bad puns concerning literature getting under your skin. Or maybe I won't.
The boundless love for words expressed in literary tattoos is fascinating in its own right. And in the hands of the right artist, the typography of text tattoos can be brilliant, either going with the natural organic shapes of the body, or creating a striking contrast between a convex muscle and a straight line of crisp type.
Illustrations, on the other hand, turn a body into a life-sized picture book.
There are worse things to be.

Literary Tattoos grow more and more popular, and are an amazing case study of the importance of literature in our lives. Or just a love letter to your favourite punctuation mark.
In either case, they are beautiful.

Something tells me this one might have been the result of a drunken design agency christmas party.

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