Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1923 aka Heaven

I want to apologize to the two people who have been enjoying our blog. We haven't posted anything since the end of October so I want to make up for it by posting one of the coolest animations, I've ever seen. The director is Max Hattler and it looks like he got a small team of talented collaborators to create this beautiful piece. More info can be found here. If the video stutters, turn off the “HD” feature.

Short description:
1923 aka Heaven is one of two animation loops directed by Max Hattler, inspired by the work of French outsider artist Augustin Lesage (1876-1954). 1923 is based on Lesage's painting A symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World from 1923. Here is the painting that he references (and if anyone requests to see more of Leseage's work, I will post more here. Its pretty amazing stuff.):

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