Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Imagining the Tenth Dimension - Rob Bryanton

This information may save your life (if you accidentally find yourself in the wrong dimension).

This video proves my hypothesis...that composers/sound designers (thanks for the correction Mr. Bryanton) are just as obsessive as graphic designers.


Maria Johansson said...

The conclusion of the tenth dimension is identical to buddhist philosophy!
I'm not sure that I'd agree with the significance that time/space has in this representational model. I actually did a test. First watch the video while looking at the graphic representations and then close your eyes and only listen to the words. For me at least there was a huge difference...

Rob Bryanton said...

Hi Robert, thanks for posting a link to my animation. I love the diversity on this blog, am posting a link to it at my Imagining the Tenth Dimension blog in the "Interesting Links" section.

"Imagining the Tenth Dimension - a new way of thinking about time and space" uses a way of visualizing reality that I came up with over twenty years ago. The more I read about modern theories of cosmology, and the more I learned about ancient spiritual systems, the more I became convinced that this approach provides us a way to let those two viewpoints meet each other in the middle. To be clear though, I'm not a mathematician, I'm a composer and sound designer, and as part of this project there are also 26 songs I've written about the cloud of ideas surrounding this project. I have a youtube channel with videos and video blogs that discuss more about this way of visualizing reality (which, as Maria points out, does have connections to buddhist philosophy as well), just search for videos by "10thdim".

Best wishes,

Rob Bryanton

Maria Johansson said...

Hello Rob, I'd be interested in hearing why time and space is significant or presumed to exist at all in any or all higher dimensions. In my artistic explorations on dimensions I exclude time and space completely.