Saturday, September 20, 2008

Finding a Canvas in Everything

House Industries (yup, the font people) produces this scrumptious alphabet block set, featuring the art of the great multi-versatile designer Alexander Girard, famous for his work with Herman Miller and La Fonda del Sol, a restaurant he dressed from head to toe: matchbooks, dinnerware, linens—everything he could get his hand on. It's lovely to see all the iterations of his design in items one can use in daily life, but I do appreciate an item such as this, that has no utilitarian purpose but to delight. And I would have to agree, after designing in every other medium (airplanes, sugar packets, bags, dolls..), AG probably would have eventually made his way to blocks. Yummy.

You can find more Girard products here. This little number retails at $100 USD. If you're on a budget, Chronicle Books offers a boxed notecard set for $13.95 USD, and a new set, one showcasing La Fonda del Sol, will be released in Spring 09.

Also, if you should find yourself in Santa Fe, NM, the
Museum of International Folk Art has an entire wing dedicated to Alexander Girard.

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