Friday, September 5, 2008

Creative Reuse: Good Design for Do-Gooders

These handmade products are the harvest of an earnest set of environmental ethics combined with aesthetic sensibilities and a nomadic lifestyle. Skinwalker (one-man production line, Bryan Kwee) takes his craft as seriously as his eco-friendly lifestyle, gathering scrap materials from the places he roams and meticulously transforming them into these fine creations. With a good deal of imagination and elbow grease, he turns one person's waste into another person's bounty—proving that less is definitely more.

Wallet made from salvaged sushi boxes, bicycle inner tubes, transparent packaging material, and keyboard circuit boards.

Wallet made from keyboard circuit boards, aluminum foil, frosted white binders, bicycle inner tubes, & a trade show exhibitor badge.

Check out Skinwalker's complete portfolio and etsy shop.

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