Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Touched Echo rocks you to the bone

On February 13, 1945, Dresden, Germany's Brühlsche Terrasse was the site of a controversial air raid by the British Royal Air Force and United States Army Air Force.

Berlin-based artist Markus Kison jolts poeple back to that time via this unique sound memorial that it requires the participation of your body.

Leaning on the railing while covering the ears, one can hear an oral simulation of the airplane attack that has been called "one of the worst examples of civilian suffering caused by strategic bombing."

The bone conduction picks up atmospheric sounds, like car traffic, which are accentuated by sound conductors built into the structure for this purpose.

The participants themselves re-enact the actions of the Germans who experienced the roaring B-25 bombers and explosions—the ones who stood in this very spot covering their ears over half a century ago.

Bravo to an eloquent vehicle that successfully elicits empathy no matter which side of the contraversy you are on.

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