Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vania Zouravliov

If you haven't yet checked out Russian-born artist Vania Zouravliov's artistic monograph (published in September), please do. This guy, a member of London's Big Active, generates work that so acutely epitomizes the phrase "hauntingly beautiful," it's sure to send you on a heart-felt expedition of delicious melancholy. Admit it, there's a goth inside us all.

Vania was also a part of the collaborative illustration effort Poe: Illustrated Tales of Mystery And Imagination, a.k.a. some of the best Poe-inspired art that I have ever seen.

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Robert J. Williams said...

A modern day Aubrey Beardsley. Not the same sophistication of form but great use of texture and minimal use of a color wash. I would love to see these in person.