Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dig Deeper: The Evolution of an Artist

Last year while participating via live web cast of the California Women’s Conference, I found myself again captivated by an artist who once plucked at my heart strings when I was still young enough to dip a Lik-a-stick into purple sugar while watching Video 1 music videos on channel 9. In his career, Paul Hewson a.k.a. Bono has been one of the most charitably-impassioned artists of my generation. Artists, typically, are among the “feeling” ones in society, so much so that we can tend to curl inwards into self-absorption. I appreciate someone who takes that sensitivity and acts outwardly, in a way that positively affects others.

Whether or not you jive with U2, the Red and One campaigns, wealthy rock stars, women’s conferences or even Americans; this message is for you. The following speech is specific in its cause, but more so, I think it’s a call to action. Period. We each possess our own gifts which, if we decided to share them, would no doubt make the world a better place. Sometimes, we need reminding that we can be bigger than our careers, even greater than the person we currently offer to humanity.

I know it's a lengthy one. Watch, if you like.

Some links to organizations mentioned:
Edun, a fair trade, eco-clothing line.
• The Red Campaign, a means eliminate AIDs in Africa while purchasing items on your shopping list.
• The One Campaign, a non-partisan unification advocating for United States government funding to strengthen international aid programs

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