Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quiet Grace

San Francisco resident and art exhibition newbie, Kristine Reano, offers some fluent renderings of the interconnectedness between humans and nature. She does a pretty fine job of splicing lace, wood, ink and watercolor into single cohesive pieces, each one precious in its own right. The found objects are allowed to retain their identities as well as complement and be complemented by the drawings. Collaging is not an easy task, and though I might tweak the poses of some of the animals (the last two here are a bit stiff considering the organic nature of the subject), I’d say that the overall exhibit is successful, and the artistic vision and draftsmanship: inspiring. These works are from Whispering World, currently showing at Edo Salon in SF.

In the show, Reano doesn’t stop short in the presentation. All works are perfectly framed in this raw wood (below). If you’re in town, stop in. The pieces make a great in-person impression, and they are pretty affordable ranging from $150–$550.

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