Monday, August 24, 2009

Voices Collide in the Abyss

The Voices from the Abyss column began with the intention of celebrating those earnest folks who sing into the depths of the world wide web hoping for a reply—an ode to being scrappy enough to insert your voice into the performing arts despite any marketability issues. I imagine that it’s wonderful when these seekers do get a response, there’s many a comment on YouTube. But even better, sometimes an artist actually gets a volunteer from the audience, someone so moved, she sings along. . .and a duet is born.

Voices*: ccendana
(aka Chris Candaña) is from Pennsylvania. tonjesmi (aka Meghan Tonjes) is from Michigan. Song written by OneRepublic.

Note: Yeah, there are a few pitch issues, they’re never perfect (is anyone?), perhaps that's part of the beauty—no retouching. The collaboration is nonetheless poignant, a pretty meaningful statement, especially for those who feel that the internet is making us less human. I’ll feature the female singer again, on her own. She’s pretty talented.

Previously featured Voices from the Abyss:

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