Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My hometown of Aachen, Germany sports - beside a cathederal that, as legend has it, was financed by hoodwinking the devil himself out of a ton of gold - mainly this: fountains. Tons and tons of them. Because the place owes its existence to a cluster of hot springs upon which it was built. The density of fountains in that city borders on a pest problem.

But there is one particular fountain that always manages to make me smile when I return back home.

This gigantic badboy here has a name, and it's Bahkauv. Now, why would a scaly snarling dragon make me smile?
Because this monster comes straight out of a local folkstory, several centuries old, which tells us of the Bahkauv's special hunting pattern: It would prowl the streets of Aachen past midnight in search of drunk men, in order to - there is no other term for it - scare them shitless. Because they should be at home with their wives, not drinking away the precious family money in the city's many pubs.

You just have to appreciate a place that not only has a legend like that, but also chose to erect a huge fountain in its honour.

Praying is, by the way, a useless defense against the beast. Makes it more aggressive, in fact. But swearing and cursing like your life depends on it does the trick. True story.

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