Thursday, January 14, 2010

Having a Field Day

So, the studio took a field trip to the mothership of 3D Feature animation, otherwise known as Pixar Studios.

The place was—and I am going to use a phrase that has not tumbled from my lips since I left adolescence behind me—made of win. Look no further than the “Grape Soda” Badge on one of the cars in the employee lot.

Well, actually, do look further, because the main building is quite beautiful on its own, but the development artwork that can be found throughout made strolling around a real joy.

Am I rambling? Perhaps. But that artwork really was amazing, and seeing the models and paintings up close proved to be very educational. Alas, those were all behind a sign politely requesting that no photos be taken, so you will have to trust my gushing on this. Getting your hands on a copy of “The art of UP” would be a nice alternative, though. A book I warmly recommend.

Sadly, the legendary cereal bar has been cut down to half its original size quite recently. The folks at Pixar now have frequent access to 10–15 different kinds of cereal. Right next to the water cooler, so to speak. Makes the 40 cent Coffee at my Academy look like a rip-off, if you ask me.

I also caught a glimpse of some work for an upcoming film as it was swiftly carried through the hall (and by “caught a glimpse” I mean I impolitely craned my neck like a circus attraction for longest possible full exposure), and I'll tell you a secret: It looked awesome.

After setting up a dork-tastic shot of myself and Luxo Jr (as seen below), all is now well in the world.

All that’s left to do is thank Kat for making time in her busy schedule and sacrificing her lunchhour to allow this giddy, wide-eyed intern to traipse all over her workplace. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

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