Friday, August 8, 2008

The Art of Illuminating

This day and age, the fear of losing my belongings in a fire doesn't scare me too much. I'm not much of a collector. Most of my important work and precious photos are safely backed up. And, it wouldn't be the end of the world to have to buy a new wardrobe. Plus, I have insurance, so I know all of it can be replaced. But I admit, I'm not completely impartial to my materialistic possessions. I'd be sad to lose this copy of The Art of Illuminating, copyright 1860.

Rob and I found it at a closing sale in a San Francisco book shop.
Samples are from the 6th through 16th Centuries by publishers London, Day and Son, "lithographers to the Queen." I've seen a few musty copies for sale online (for as much as $675 US). And, they have since created a clip art bk of authors W.R. Tymms and M.D. Wyatt's original findings.


Beigene said...

FUCK!! You guys scored! Ooo the goldleaf on the embossed leather is sexy, wait, it's not leather!

Why pay $675 when you can borrow from a friend? ;)

Robert J. Williams said...

Feel free to borrow it anytime Beigene. Please note that there is a $675 deposit though :)