Monday, August 4, 2008

HiFana's Animated Music Video

HiFana is a Japanese Instrumental HipHop band I stumbled upon on the net last weekend.
This DJ duo consists of KEIZOmachine and Juicy.

Two things I love about these guys:
1. Use of traditional sounds mixed in a break beat style.
2. Truly unique video animation style.

Video & song title Wamono:

By the way, check out their website and click the "Fresh Push" button in the upper left. You can practice your mad skills on their turn tables and beat boxes.


Yoshie said...

I liked their music. Like Rob said, I liked the fact that they used traditional Japanese sounds to create their own music. I hear lots of Japanese hip hop artists just imitating American artists, and they just don't sound right. but I liked HiFana. I am curious to hear more of their music :-)

melissa tioleco-cheng said...

Love it—music, culture, animation and a sense of humor!

Beigene said...

The early Tezuka animations didn't use the character aesthetics from Japanese woodblock prints. It looks more Disney-ish. I don't think you necessarily need to bring in traditional elements in order for it to be "Japanese." It just needs to be different. What's Japanese to me is their brand of vivid and outlandish imagination. Timberland did a grip of songs using mid-Eastern and Indian melodies and rhythms. It doesn't make him more of these ethnicities but postmodern.