Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beautiful "tenugui" graphics

These pretty tea towels are from Tikoli. If you are a regular design sponge reader like I am, you have seen their products on their blog recently. I am a huge fan of clean and bold graphics like these. Their designs were inspired by Japanese "tenugui" graphics, and they created these beautiful pieces by adding their own design sensibility. So beautiful! I know that tenugui is getting hot again in Japan too. I have seen other people creating really beautiful designs. I will post some more later to share those findings.


melissa tioleco-cheng said...

I really appreciate the simplicity of these designs and their fabrication. Leave it to the Japanese to make a simple household item beautiful.

Robert J. Williams said...

Great work Yoshie! Keep posting your bold and beautiful stuff :)

Beigene said...

You can see the same bold graphic sensibilities in Japanese woodblock prints (dont' know which came first) then in anime, and contemporary japanese art like Superflat(-ulence or fART). No surprise the impressionists were down with it.